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When in Rhodes |Summer 2017

EN: Hello there!! Long time no see!! But I have a good excuse! Last week I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Island of Rhodes. So, my friends I have collected a fair amount of photos to show you and take you along my trip and show you some of the places I visited! Let's get started!! 

How to lighten you hair naturally

EN: I always love my highlights! I just feel like they give great definition to your hair! But during summer I don't want to put any chemicals to my hair and completely destroy it. Buuut luckily for me (and you!), I found an amazing natural way to lighten your hair with no bleach! Well you have to know from now that the results won't be the same as if you did it in a salon, since the colour will be more subtle, and of course it will help if you don't have dark hair to begin with (sorry about that!!).

How to achieve the Boho Festival look| Summer 2017

EN: I have to be honest, when it comes to fashion I am nooooo expert. My style is really (like really) simple, so I usually go for denim a and white T-shirt. But this summer I wanted to spice things up. I mean it is summer, the weather is beautiful ( when it is not boiling hot xoxo),the skin gets darker, hair gets messier, so I really want to get out of my comfort zone. I decided to show you my own version of a boho-festival look. I know it is not something extraordinary, but, but leeeet me finish and don't click out! I am sure most of you are like me. Don't bother with putting too much effort in their outfit, then this post is for you (however if you do have the confidence to do something extra, then bravooo, I'm jealous xoxo). I went for a highwaisted mommy jeans shorts, my all time favourite from ZARA! I added a really simple black T shirt (says boring Katerina) to make some contrast to the outfit, and of course I completed the look with this amaaazing kimono from Attrattivo. I believe a nice kimono makes all the difference, and transforms a boring look, to a truly boho inspired outfit. I opted for silver accessories for a more boho vibe, and then that's it! What do you think? See some more photos down bellow!